solo | 2001



Year: 2001

Duration: 13'

Instrumentation: org

Program Notes

Composed in 2001, Carillon is based on my Concerto for Organ and Orchestra of 1992. Like the earlier work, it falls into three sections: Toccata 1, Adagio, Toccata 2. The vigorous opening toccata attempts to create a feeling of energy and forward momentum impelled by a strong sense of rhythmic vitality. This section is characterised by frequent changes of time signature and irregular chord groupings. With its relentless energy, I wanted to create a musical analogy of the explosive energy of a volcano in this opening section.

The central Adagio is more lyrical in disposition, though it also incorporates dramatic and vigorous writing, reminiscent of the opening toccata. The original frenetic cadenza from the concerto is also contained within this section.

The second toccata is a varied version of the opening of the piece. A short snappy coda brings the work to its conclusion.

Carillon was written for and is dedicated to Beatrix Hermann. It was first performed by David Adams in St Michael’s Church, Dun Laoghaire in August, 2003.


David Adams (organ)