solo | 1989

Guitar Sonata No. 1


Year: 1989

Duration: 14'

Instrumentation: gtr

Program Notes

Maestoso – con moto
Allegro con spirito

Guitar Sonata No. 1 was commissioned by Benjamin Dwyer with financial assistance from the Arts Council of Ireland. The work was completed in early 1989 and given its first performance later that year in New York.

The piece is in three movements, the first of which is the most extensive, combining fast, vigorous writing with more reflective passages. The second movement is a slow lament and the third a carnival-type dance. As well as standard classical performance techniques the piece calls for rasqueado (Flamenco-style strumming) in the first movement; note bending in the second and tambora (striking the strings with the hand) in the third.

Guitar Sonata No. 1 is dedicated to Benjamin Dwyer.


Guitar Sonata No. 1   2nd Movement

Benjamin Dwyer (guitar)